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Using the Montessori Method at Home:

Daily Practice

  • A small bucket with a sponge ready for wet clean ups.

  • Small dust pan and brush for dry spills.

  • Keep a small pitcher of milk in the fridge.

  • Keep a small pitcher of water on the table.

  • Have a small mug available to your child.

  • Have pegs for clothes/jackets at child’s height, but above the eye level.

  • Move the closet rod down to your child’s height/have out only weather appropriate clothing.

Everyday Math

  • Ask your child to put 4 forks on the table for dinner.

  • Count socks/buttons on their shirt/ pennies/dolls/toy cars, etc.

  • Play family board games – counting, logical thinking, problem solving.

  • Keep it light and playful – Let them hear you counting during the day!

Language Fun

  • Make rhymes – even silly nonsense rhymes isolate the ending sounds in words.

  • Play: I Spy something that begins with …”sss”. Give clues if your child is not getting it. This isolates the beginning sound in words.

  • Writing his/her name using first capital letter then lowercase.

  • Sing songs -increases memory and vocabulary.

  • Read to your child everyday – if you want your child to love to read!

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