We come in from the outside play yard around 11:30 for lunch. Children wash their hands and set their place (we will give lessons on this to the new children). The children have from 11:30 to 12:20 to eat. Whenever a child is finished eating they put any leftover food back in their lunch box and clean up their space.

Your child’s lunch needs to have a protein source (meat, cheese, yogurt, beans, nut butters, etc.). We discourage sending juice to drink (too much concentrated sugar – we serve filtered water) or sugar desserts as in cookies, brownies, etc. A piece of fruit or a bit of berries makes a wonderful treat. Please do not over pack – we will let you know if your child is still hungry after they finish their lunch.

Please pack cold packs in the lunch if needed. Lunches must be ready to eat. We do not prepare or heat up lunches.

During lunchtime, the teachers and the children are invited to come up to the front of the lunch tables and tell a “True Life Story” about something in their life. We help them title their story and we work on having a beginning/middle/and end to their story. Then the storyteller asks us listeners “Are there any questions?” The listeners learn the difference between a question and a statement. It is a lovely mealtime tradition of ours. Try it at home, your child will love to hear your stories about when you were their age.