The Process

We have Parent/Teacher Conferences during the month of March. At this time we ask each family what their plans are for their child for the next school year. By mid April we should know how many openings we will have for the next year. Siblings of enrolled students have priority for openings. Applications are filed and reviewed by the order they were received. Each applicant will be called and either offered an opening or asked if they wish to remain on the wait list.

First you will need to pay the development fee as listed on the Tuition Schedule page. Then you will pick up the Enrollment and Immunization Forms from the school. There will be a posted due date to return all forms. The first of ten Tuition Payments is due by June 3rd (the second payment is due by September 3rd). In mid August we will call you to set up a home visit so your child can meet his/her teachers in the comfort of their own home. We will review the Parent Handbook with you at this time.

Yes! We encourage all parents to observe the classroom before enrolling their child. An observation is without your child. We want you to see the classroom in action. Please notice the interactions between the child and teacher and between the children themselves. Note the rich environment that the children are immersed in. You might see the children using self-discipline, problem solving skills, collaboration, kindness, joyful curiosity, and more during the extended uninterrupted choice time. We my not be able to answer your questions at the time but please do call or email us after school.

No, we will save your application and call you when there is an opening. Please feel free to set up a time to observe the classroom. Our hope is that all interested families will have the opportunity to join the school community.

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Applications can be dropped by the school, emailed or mailed.

The admissions policy of the school gives equal consideration to all children regardless of race, color, creed, handicap or national origin. Admissions preference for the morning class will be given to children entering before the age of four. Siblings of recently enrolled children are, also, given admission priority.